open houses

Published: Nov 11, 2014 | Category: Real Estate |


Does it seem like there are fewer open house events than prior years?  Do Realtors feel like it is a waste of time for buyers and sellers because of new technology, now that pictures of houses are available on the internet?  Well for me, I still like the excitement of checking out what’s behind the front door!  My husband and I loved to explore open houses as a weekend past time.  We would check out new neighborhoods, see what’s new in the current market, get great decorating ideas and always come up with new projects to help improve the value of our home.  The agents on duty were always helpful and willing to answer any questions.  We really enjoyed interacting with  neighbors and new people to the area.  Stop by one of Lou Morgan Realtors open house events in your neighborhood.  Our agents are always there to greet you….look for the burgundy and white signs!

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